1. Receiving the research file from the center of the MIS after closing the presentation in the form of (Excel Sheet).

2. Review of data (research number, faculty, name of applicant, title, journal name, year of publication, month of publication, Eigenfactor, participants' names, notes).

3. Ensure that the name of Ain Shams University is written as the address of the researcher and excluding research that does not meet this condition.

4. Ensure that the submitted research is not duplicated (by arranging the research alphabetically in the name of the research with the research submitted in the previous installments) and excluding the duplicate research or the previously paid bonus. 

5. Make sure that the search is actually published in the magazine mentioned by searching on google search title, if not find it ... We look in the name of the magazine with the folder number and edition.

6. Extracting the value of the Eigenfactor from the ISI Web of Knowledge database with the exception of research published in journals not included in the ISI Web of Knowledge database.

7. Calculate the value of the reward to be paid by Eigenfactor.

8. Calculation of the value of the reward for research in the Humanities and Social Studies sector according to the category of the journal published.

9. Send a copy of the report to the university's research department to review all names.

10. Taking into account the required modifications of the Research Department.

11. Writing the final report and then approving it from the Chairman of the Committee and submitting it to the Professor Vice President of the University in preparation for submission to the Council of Studies for aproval.