Entities to be dealt with when signing the agreements:


  1. University Faculties and Institutes
  2. Ministry of Higher Education
  3. Central Administration of Cultural Relations.
  4. General Administration of Survey and Information.
  5. Expatriates  Department
  6. Supreme Council of Universities
  7. The internal departments of the university.


Required papers in the case of travel or attendance in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding in case of travel of professors or students:


  1. Department and Faculty approval to travel.
  2. There must be an invitation from the Foreign Entity.
  3. The member shall not travel until two years have elapsed.
  4. The Approval of security authorities to travel.

In the case of the recruitment of professors or students

  1. Approval of the Department and the Faculty on recruitment.
  2. Approval of the security authorities on recruitment.
  3. The professor's visit shall be for a period of 7 days only in accordance with the decision of the Council of Postgraduate Studies and Research, with the University having to pay 300 LE for one day or stay at the Guesthouse.