In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Gracious


The rapid developments in the world and new discoveries to solve the problems of life and to face urgent and future problems require the necessity and importance of keeping pace with the latest international systems and standards in the fields of education and scientific research. Our responsibilities in universities and research centers to think hard to find short and long-term plans to find solutions and keep pace with regional and global changes.

It is a great honor and responsibility, requires more effort, to assume the post of Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research at Ain Shams University. Ain Shams University has many potentials, resources, human resources, material and technical resources that qualify it to perform its mission and carry out its enlightening and civilized role to raise the Egyptian society, compete with international universities and keep pace with the new scientific research.

There is no doubt that the postgraduate and research sector in a university of the size and status of Ain Shams University includes many departments that serve all the faculty members and assistants, in addition to the postgraduate students in the faculties and institutes of the university:

General Administration of Postgraduate Studies

General Administration of Cultural Relations

General Administration of Scientific Research

General Administration of Faculty Affairs

General Administration of University Libraries

There are many centers and research units that spare no effort to improve the process of scientific research and promote the global classification, including:

I pray to God Almighty to help me in the performance of my mission during the period in which I take up the post of Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, which will be achieved only with serious cooperation between me and my colleagues' deans of faculties and institutes of the university and faculty members and their assistants

Best Regards

Prof. Dr. Abdel Nasser Badawi Sengab                

Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research