Ain Shams University is a distinguished university characterized by quality in accordance with national standards in the fields of education, scientific research, community service and environmental development. In this regard, the community and environmental affairs sector was established to solve the problems of the surrounding society and provide distinguished community services that contribute to supporting the national economy and to be a cultural lighthouse inside and outside the university. The sector seeks to develop community environmental participation locally and internationally and raise the competitiveness of centers and units of a special nature for the development of the university's own resources. The activities of the sector have been organized several awareness campaigns to combat smoking, addiction and problems of adolescence and what is required by this stage and the importance of healthy and healthy nutrition to build a healthy body. In addition to organize campaigns on campus as campaigns care about your life and your health, wealth and your hand in our hands...participate with us.

In addition, the University has signed several agreements and protocols to train university students to provide them with the skills of the labor market and provide job opportunities for graduates of the university. The Environment Sector did not neglect its role in spreading awareness among the students and employees of the university through the establishment of a season of cultural and thoughtful diversity, taking into account hosting of experts and scientists in various fields. It also did not miss the establishment of celebrations in which honoring the sincere sons of the University who perform their duty fully in his annual celebration to honor the employee and the ideal worker.

I thank my employee at the community service and environmental development sector for this effort that is worthy of all praise, and I hope that the tender will continue in the hope of our dear university for all progress and prosperity.