iThenticate is a plagiarism detection and prevention service. This service has been enabled in Ain Shams University since mid-2014. Studies and surveys have been done by the university experts and figured out that iThenticate is one of the best alternatives that can be employed in this regard. Ain Shams University is one of the pioneer universities to enforce the post-graduate students and researchers to use such a service in Egypt.


In different tracks, the service is currently applied. All masters and PhDs theses are mandatory to be tested and certified to meet the general restrictive plagiarism rules of the university starting from 2015. Moreover, the different articles, inproceedings, research project proposals and reports with the university institutions as affiliation are enforced to be tested as well. Ain Shams University keeps its anti-plagiarism policy always updated based on the ongoing gained experience in running anti-plagiarism services.