Expert Name Award Name Award received in (year) Award created in (year) Started at university in (year) Finished working at university in (year) Award open to different nationalities (yes/no) Description of the award Link to the website where the award and award winner are mentionend
Nahed Abdul Hamid Knight in the Order of Academic Palms         yes French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development - Language and Culture
Nagwa Gamal Mehrez Knight in Order of Civil Merit         yes The King of Spain - Cultural, scientific and literary activity
Esraa Sayyed Hassan Academic Excellence Award for Foreign Scholars          yes Peking University - Earning a second doctorate and becoming the first scholar in the world to earn 2 doctorates in the field of Chinese language
Nagah Abdel Latif The China International Translation Contest Award          yes Chinese Government (2014) - Translating a collection of short stories from Chinese into Arabic
Nahla Muhammad Nagi Tawfiq International Brothers Grimm Award for Young Scholars (2014)         yes German Academic Exchange Service in Germany - German language and literature
Al-Safasefi Ahmad Al-Morsi Silver Medal         yes Turkmenistan - Writing the biography of Magtymguly Fraghi and translating a volume of his poetry
Muhammad Nabil Al-Awady Top 100 Engineers Award         yes London - Engineering
Ebtehal Eldemerdash  African Union Kwame Nkrumah Scientific Awards 2011 2008     yes to honor top African scientists for their scientific achievements, valuable discoveries and findings,d.d2s&cad=rja